Thank you for your interest in my work!
My commissions are open for personal and commercial use. The prices listed here are examplary rates and styles for private commissions and are subject to change depending on your individual needs.

If you have a vision that doesn't quite fit the examples listed, don't worry! Feel free to contact me, so that we can work together and find a solution that suits you best. 

You can contact me on any of my social media channels or simply by E-Mail:

Portraits generally include your character from the shoulders up with a simple background.

-150€ / Character-
Half Body

Half Body Paintings show your character from the hip up with a simple background.

-250€ / Character-
Full Body
Full Body Illustrations show your entire character with a simple background.

-350€ / Character-

Backgrounds and Special Requests
Depending on the complexity of your request there will be an additional charge of 50€ to 250€
How it works
Please read carefully through this section before commissioning me. If you have any further questions or something is unclear, don't hesitate to contact me.

1, You tell me what you need!
Send me an E-mail letting me know what you'd like to commission. Choose one of the styles as listed above and tell me any information about the character that you want to have portrayed. That includes their general looks, clothing or style, their mood, pose, maybe even their backstory. Feel free to send me any reference pictures you have. Whatever you find relevant for their depiction. This is your character after all and I would love to make it as unique and special as it deserves to be!

2. I'll get back to you.
Once I recieve your request I will get back to you as fast as possible. I'll let you know about my price offer for your piece, my estimated time of completion, as well as any further questions I may have.  To give out the commission slot I require at least 50% of your payment as deposit via PayPal. You can also make the full payment upfront if you prefer that.

3. First Sketch and Feedback
I'll typically send out a sketch around a week before the deadline I quote. The sketch will show the general composition and colors of the painting, as well as a raw depiction of the requested features. This is where you can provide me with any of your feedback. This artwork is custom made for you and I want you to be satisfied with every detail. Please be sure to respond in a timely manner, so that I have enough time to work on the changes. Once you're satisfied I'll collect the remaining payment, if you have not yet payed in full.

4. Finishing the Piece
Once the sketch is approved by you I will start cleaning up all the details and finishing the painting.  Once I'm done, I'll send the finished piece to your E-Mail, along with a smaller file for easier uploading and any additional files you may have requested.
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